Bitcoin Plunges Over 40% After Twitter Announces Ban On Crypto Ads | CNBC

Bitcoin is hovering below the $8,000 mark as Twitter joins Google and Facebook in banning cryptocurrency ads.
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Bitcoin Plunges Over 40% After Twitter Announces Ban On Crypto Ads | CNBC


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27 Thoughts to “Bitcoin Plunges Over 40% After Twitter Announces Ban On Crypto Ads | CNBC”

  1. If you trust CNBC to deliver REAL credible news, and not fake clickbait, you're going to have a bad time….

  2. Big mistake! Crypto's are the new money of the world. Fools.

  3. Wow! Bitcoin down over 60% since January 🙂 Somebody made some big money!!

  4. It went 20 000$ but it was not is average real price. It's between 8k and 12-14k. If you have a little time to trade you will make a lot of money with the volatility.

  5. Please show proof of 40% or retract your lie.

  6. I wonder if PayPal will stop accepting the US dollar

  7. Not Interested TELL US WHY Headlines misrepresent news SUBMIT

  8. 40%.. I think crypto is a scam but this headlines is crap.

  9. Evebody in the communauty is talking about you right now about how are lying to your viewers.

  10. lol wat, so many things wrong with this title

  11. More failed fact checking by CNBC. It's a shame – I kinda like their business day TV broadcast. But if I can't trust the veracity of what they report, I might as well be watching real housewives or the Kardashians.

  12. How tragic, I'm only up 1000 percent in less than a year instead of 2000 percent. Anything else making those kinds of gains besides cannabis stocks?

  13. Reported for misleading/spam and down voted.

  14. Time to wake up. Are you ready?

  15. I thought CNBC was 1 of the better news networks in America but I guess they are all the same with CNN being the worst.

  16. Lol, 40 percent from twitter ban? Btc beens falling off the charts for months since the whales swam away with everyones money

  17. the cnbc staff are the only humans able to defecate with their mouth

  18. It's time to put your money into silver and gold and not like Bitconnect or Bitcoin…..

  19. CNBC. BUNCH of tards. It has nothing to do with that.

  20. Fake news. Bitcoin didn't drop 40% because Twitter banned ads. Don't mislead people.

  21. Say it with me….bitconeeeeeeeeeeeect!

  22. The way this video is titled makes it seem like it fell by 40% JUST due to the Twitter news. It's been crashing since December, due to a LOT of factors. 0/10 poor quality FUD.

  23. crypto currency is a scam!!!

  24. All cryptocurrencies will become extinct.

  25. guys the cartel entity has been confirmed in the cryptomarket, massive dumps are to follow, what we know is only the tip of the iceberg, this is a warning, get out now, the countdown has started, the elite will liquidate the market, get out now before it's too late, you've been warned

  26. Millions of coins are missing and their constantly sealing more but they won't announce it or even admit it. But with zero security it's a done deal. It's over for anyone who wants to male millions in bitcoin now. End of year $2500 maybe.

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