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is behaving a lot like how the did around the dot-com bubble, but the timeline is unfolding 15 times faster, according to published by on Monday.


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20 thoughts on “Bitcoin Is Unfolding Like The Dot-Com Crash”
  1. Cryptocurrency is just slavery in disguise.

    Watch the videos of how bitcoin works and u'll c it. U exchange ur money for bitcoin. Miners r rewarded bitcoin for verifying ur transactions. Miners cash in bitcoin to pay their ridiculously high electric bills with ur money. So u r just paying ppl to waste crazy amounts of electricity. The big pile of money u helped create is always decreasing rapidly by the day and bitcoin is actually worthless. When miners cant make a profit anymore, they leave with all ur fiat money which actually has some value and bitcoin is gone. So u try to prolong this by getting others to pay the electric bills. All this just for a chance at stealing from one another.

    The longer u hodl, the more u lose to miners. That's y they keep telling u to hodl so they can take all ur money.

    This is a repost as the first one didnt register.

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  3. My uncle said that Bitcoin is a scam. It’s like catching crabs using meat bait. When the cage is full, it is pulled up to the surface with those doomed crabs trapped inside. Is this true?

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  5. People, don't listen to this Diego Douglas BS, it's a complete scam.

    Google 'Diego Douglas Crypto' and a load of Youtube videos will come up. All of them have the exact same comment but by a different poster (the same names appear in the follow up comments but their comments switch between users on each video).


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