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Bitcoin Is the Ultimate Fool’s Gold Could Hit $100,000 Before Bubble

Oj Anthony Pompliano, co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital, recently resigned as CEO of Gold and Peter Schiff, CEO of Euro Pacific Capital.

In a new episode of the Off the Chain podcast, Schiff said Bitcoin has no substance, no utility, and not something like gold. “When they created Bitcoin, it was made to imitate gold, it was fake gold, it was a gold coin, even

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Photo by btckeychain Cc Bitcoin Is the Ultimate Fool s Gold Could Hit 100 000 Before Bubble

though there was no color and no substance, they were” my “bitcoins, even though they didn’t exist.

They solved mathematical problems, so they tried to make gold out of nothing, but they are not gold, they don’t have real gold, so this is gold from the most ignorant people. “Schiff says he always believes or that a big Bitcoin disaster won’t happen.

But in the meantime, if enough people maintain BTC and new buyers enter the market,

leading cryptocurrency can reach $ 100,000 before the next one. Anything can happen. If people decide not to sell Bitcoin. If everyone who owns it decides not to sell it and people then try to buy it and there is no shipping, the price can go up. rose to $ 20,000. Does that mean $ 50,000 can’t be reached? I mean, that’s possible, I just think that the chance of that happening is very small. Not impossible.

Maybe, but as high as the end it will collapse. I’m sure, but can balloons get bigger? Of course, I can. Instead of buying Bitcoin for $ 8,500, I think it will rise to $ 85,000 and I will only make 10 times more money. I bought a little silver for $ 18. This is likely to increase tenfold. “Schiff believes that watchdogs around the world will increasingly focus on cryptocurrency, referring to Mark Zuckerberg’s recent testimony to US legislators as a sign of what lies ahead.” The government feels threatened.

Whether the threat is legitimate or not. I don’t think Bitcoin can finally succeed as money. But many of these politicians don’t know that.

They could be misleading. They have one congressman who recently listened to Zuckerberg who really thinks Bitcoin is a potential threat to the dollar. And as long as they think it’s a threat, they will do anything to eradicate the threat … I didn’t do it. I do not want anything from this scheme.

I think this cryptocurrency must be permitted. People must have the right to bet on them if they want, when people want to buy it. I don’t think there has to be fraud. I think some people are tempted to buy Bitcoin, and I think they might have lawsuits if they lose their money. But as long as people honestly are faced with it and make decisions about purchases, the government must stay away and let the market decide. “

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