Bitcoin Exchange Coinbase Launches The “Dow”

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Much like how the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the new fund tries to reflect major trends in the cryptocurrency market.
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Bitcoin Exchange Coinbase Launches The "Dow" Of Cryptocurrencies | CNBC


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  • pinit_fg_en_rect_gray_20 Bitcoin Exchange Coinbase Launches The "Dow"
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12 Thoughts to “Bitcoin Exchange Coinbase Launches The “Dow””

  1. Except, people don't use cryptocurrencies on a daily basis, so this might not make the most sense.

  2. What's up with the plug in for Ripple?

  3. This is just to get Wall Street to short cryptos that they don't even own and know nothing about, to push the prices down further and get every moron to send all there cryptos back into the exchanges that they withdrew and panic sell them all to JP Morgan. Or they'll just wait till everyone sends all there coins back to coinbase trying to panic sell them, then shut down the exchanges, steal everyone's bitcoins and blame it on a hacker and / or tax evasion.

  4. WTF are we Romans now……

  5. Why is it important to note that Coinbase doesn't offer Ripple? Shouldn't have been included in the video.

  6. why endorse XRP? Is it because it is centralized? ETH & LTC all the way!

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