Bitcoin Dips After News The SEC Is Probing Cryptocurrencies | CNBC

Bitcoin slipped following news the SEC planned to probe cryptocurrencies, but subsequently pared some of its losses.
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Bitcoin Dips After News The SEC Is Probing Cryptocurrencies | CNBC


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19 Thoughts to “Bitcoin Dips After News The SEC Is Probing Cryptocurrencies | CNBC”

  1. What the FUD are you talking about? Fake news. BTC past 11'000. Report on the USD and stock bubble instead. Oh wait it's CNBC what do you expect but Fake news.

  2. it just went to 11k wtf? you guys are like a day or 2 late and a buck short

  3. You know Bitcoin is a real threat to the establishment when they report a 325 dollar dip two days late. Lol

  4. I hope it goes down and the miners get stuck with overpriced graphics cards


  6. "slipped lower" is apparently a 1% midday drop that recovers within 2 hours.. lol cmon cnbc

  7. Misleading information.

  8. BITCOIN $9.5K – $11,5K forever no change. A dead horse

  9. Best coin Telcoin! x50 in this year. Free distribution telcoin. pro/airdrop

  10. LMAOOOOO Good try here guys… this is just such silly FUD. Bitcoin is going to be at 17k soon then its up from there. IT CANT BE STOPPED!!! JUAT FACE IT!

  11. Who again? I mean you claim something but ICO has nothing to do with BTC,,dummy

  12. hi all. anyone can give me some bitcoin…? 1FGVjrXPx7y6QFfpr2SHHygLVH7ZaCc4X4

  13. Better buy Monero from now on, it is impossible for the government to track!
    But I don't think Monero will be worth 1 million dollars by the year 2020, and so I guess I'll stick with bitcoin.

  14. The most uniformed crypto news on the planet. Haha. What!? Crypto can’t be controlled by central agencies. So this video makes no sense. Bitcoin didn’t go down due to SEC blah blah blah. They can’t touch bitcoin. Haha. Bitcoin isn’t about public policy. It’s simply a currency. Unlike the dollar crypto can’t be Manipulated politically speaking like the American dollar can c

  15. Now that's interesting, and NOT surprising. Switzerland, one of the most developed, richest nations on Earth, with the HIGHEST STANDARD of living, embraces crypto's.

    While more backward countries denounce them. It seems crypto's ARE the future after all. They've just been recognized by the World masters of banking. I would recommend for EVERYONE to get on board , even micro bits will serve you well . It's time for the MIGHTY BITCOIN to reign supreme .

    Do NOT be fooled by imitators there is only one BITCOIN the rest will fail miserably .

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