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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news - Ethereum the religion, all hail the dogewhale, Visa runs into big trouble, and blockchain offers so much for Africa. NAC3 Link ...


Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News - Ethereum Religion, Visa Troubles, and blockchain in Africa admitting this is the competition we got to start doing something here or we're gonna get crushed by these decentralized solutions that are so much more attractive than what you have to offer banks, I feel like any bank that isn't pushing to be part of this is going to get just crushed by the wheels of history by cryptocurrencies.

Trying to stop people from buying Bitcoin

We've covered a few stories here on the show where for example some banks in the Netherlands are offering cryptocurrency wallets for their customers but that is really an anomaly overall as most banks have been taking quite negative stances against cryptocurrency, trying to stop people from buying them but it just doesn't work bitcoins too popular at this point.

State backed crypto

Estonia scales back plans of ambitious state cryptocurrency Estonia is such a leader when it comes to these different technological innovations it would have been a real great use case for digital crypto, even if it's a state backed crypto still would have been a really cool situation to see come forward maybe we'll still see some iteration of this in the future and of course there's a lot of other countries that are looking at this solution.

Blockchain initiatives

Some countries have already implemented it, for example, the Marshall Islands now has their own state-run digital cryptocurrency, be nice to see some big players like Switzerland, for example, they'll get on board who will be partnering with Korean and Chinese investors, support Blockchain initiatives who ob has been very active recently in trying to expand the reach of their exchange into new markets but also in making these kinds of connections this is...


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