Bitcoin Could Make A Run At $15,000,|May Hit $ 30 000 - $ 40 000 By The End Of 2018

Bitcoin Could Make A Run At $15,000,|May Hit $ 30 000 – $ 40 000 By The End Of 2018

What’s going on I’m not a techie guy but they connect spend down all weekend three days in a row. It’s now Monday morning where I’m at Philadelphia PA Monday January 14th 2018.

Some 25 a young happy I’m okay day by the way they’re still having issues trying to log in. Man I’m trying to check my account and you know it’s kind of like a drug, you wake up in the morning you want to check you’re thinking that counts he was going on all weekend same issue not getting any access, get this little this warning page when you log in this message we 1-8 will login into the – what as soon as we realize everything under is under control we apologize for the inconvenience.

This may cause whatever I went to their Twitter page same issue they’ve been given updates consistently that I won’t say but I want the issue resolved I wouldn’t actually get into my account so let’s see here looks like the first message came out on the 13th so that was Saturday.

The DDoS attack

Currently down to the service issues but I BA they updated that Saturday same issue didn’t really get into it looks like later that days when he actually kind of gave us some little F for some more detailed fo they called it they’re under continuous DDoS attack which inevitably affects our service, but mitigating as fast as we can it may take up to 24 hours will update units it’s under control so that’s Saturday Sunday 25 marks still working on it.

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Still monitoring ha it should has not been resolved we’d apologize for any convenience all right whatever yesterday Sunday evening still under DDoS attack what the hell so obviously they passed the 24-hour mark this message came through the middle of last night it seems to Texas

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