Bitcoin at $10,000 | Warren Buffet's Bearish On The Economy

Video transcription

Yesterday, we tested stream laps were a little bit more familiar with it. However, we still have the chat feature, probably not working so you’re not going to be able to see your chats on there and that might be an issue. It’S so we’re just gonna go along with it. However, we have an alert box, so if somebody subscribes or sends a donation or whatever it should work, anyways we’re testing out some new streaming features. So let us begin. Bitcoin has breached $ 10,000. I’m just going to refresh just to make sure that the audio and video quality is all good. Unfortunately, with stream lab, I have to refresh from my main channel and just kind of go from there, so we’re gonna most likely edit this out. Once this turns into a video format, it is a little bit early still in America, we are inside and now just in case. If we need to, we can check out the audio and add in a few things, it’s a little uncomfortable, but we already have one like. So that’s what I like, okay audio is all good. We can begin welcome, Jack’s key now that there we go yes, and the website that didn’t work on yesterday’s stream because I created a Bitcoin $ 10,000 stream on my main channel just to get people interested right there, as you saw it was above 10,000. It’S at 9999 44:59 right now and it’s struggling all over there and boom. We have 10,000, so it breached the psychological barrier.

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