BITCOFFEEN: Bringing A Cryptocurrency Twist To Satisfy Your Caffeine Needs

1 15 BITCOFFEEN Bringing A Cryptocurrency Twist To Satisfy Your Caffeine Needs

Now, targeting the coffee industry in particular, the BITCOFFEEN coffee is one such project that aims to change the dynamics of the game. BITCOFFEEN aims to create an engaged community of shoppers and sellers thereby creating an integrated ecosystem. Coffee is one such drink loved and liked across age groups all over the globe. The platform has a unique cryptocurrency cashback rewards system dubbed ‘BitBack’ for shoppers which motivates customers to stay hooked to the BITCOFFEEN platform.

Thus, it goes beyond the existing boundaries of the coffee industry by increasing consumer demand for coffee. To ensure complete transparency and a fair play for its entire community, BITCOFFEEN uses the decentralized blockchain technology to directly share the profits to all members of its trading platform. This allows the BITCOFFEEN platform participants to receive direct benefits for their investments. The BITCOFFEEN team working under the advise of Alex Sudadze aims to create a global network of retail outlets all interlinked in a single automated ecosystem.

BITCOFFEEN Ecosystem – Offering SMART Rewards in BFF Coins

The blockchain-based BITCOFFEEN coffee platform will ensure that everyone gets their share of profits from the entire coffee industry combined. Let’s understand how this ecosystem works. Once any coffee shop connects to a BITCOFFEEN network, they have to buy 1000 BFF tokens through a crypto exchange. Upon scanning the QR, the coffee buyer gets 0.1 BFF in rewards equal to 0.1 USD.

These rewards shall be stored in the users’ BITCOFFEEN wallets. The incentive to coffee shop owners for joining the BitCoffeen network is that they can thus entice more customers and ensure more sales. As more shops join the BitCoffeen network, the value of BFF tokens will rise. This will encourage other businesses to join the network over a period of time ensuring higher exchange activity for BFF tokens.

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Future Roadmap

In the Q1 2020, the BitCoffeen project team worked towards initiating the BFF token trading at Livecoin. Besides, they also launched the BitCoffeen application on Android and iOS platforms. In Q3 2020, the BitCoffeen platform will launch its own coffee products in the market.


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