Billionaire Investor Carl Icahn: Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies Are ‘Ridiculous’ | CNBC

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Billionaire investor Carl Icahn


says he doesn’t like bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, calling them “ridiculous.”
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Billionaire Investor Carl Icahn: Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies Are ‘Ridiculous’ | CNBC


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  • pinit_fg_en_rect_gray_20 Billionaire Investor Carl Icahn: Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies Are 'Ridiculous' | CNBC
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39 Responses

  1. s trav says:

    To old lol. Can't teach an old dog new tricks

  2. VeXeR ShObOx says:

    Just you watch. When the BUBBLE that is the Dow Jones, S & P 500, Russell 2000, and US Dollar all inevitably come crashing to the ground within the next couple of years, crypto prices will skyrocket higher than ever before, and people will not look back. Nobody wants to hear what dinosaurs who are clueless on technology have to say anymore. Bitcoin and crypto is here to STAY.

  3. Alan O says:

    Listen, folks. If crypto comes to the point that it can challenge or parallel the dollar, the government (the government, not the central bank that you hate) will close it down faster than Roosevelt shut down gold. Now if there should actually occur a massive economic collapse, you can bet your life that what I just said would happen even faster and harder than that. Right now crypto is tolerated…only tolerated.

  4. F M says:

    Bitcoin is ScamCoin

  5. Ken Russo says:

    He admits he does not understand cryptos. Just another ignorant talking head!

  6. J Guillory says:

    Keep it coming please

  7. He said he doesn't understand them and if you do then believe that they will revolutionize alot of major industries.. Thanks for the memo Carl..

  8. Chrisusa119 says:

    How are you against something you dont understand.

  9. Gina says:


  10. Michshnly says:

    i was a huge fan of bitcoin but now i have zero trust

  11. Lol wow Icahn was almost incomprehensible regarding his opinion on cryptocurrency.

  12. Get out of my yard Bitcoin! Jeez another dinosaur yaking out his butt.

  13. tothsloth says:

    Exactly. You don't understand it. So how is it ridiculous?

  14. Dinosaurs trying to talk intelligently about making fire.

  15. How can you hate them, if you don't frikin' understand them?!

  16. I don't understand them…..Enough said !! Cryptos are the future

  17. Kinda similar to Warren Buffett missing out on Amazon, Google, Apple investments because he doesn't "understand" the technology behind it, huh? WB made enough money from companies that doesn't have potential for new innovation like Coca-Cola, chocolate, and other candy companies.

  18. John Bryson says:

    He straight up said he doesn't understand it lol

  19. Heartless says:

    Old guy is clearly out of his element here. At least he [kind of] admits it, lol. Still, if you don't understand something, you should refrain from calling it ridiculous. Because that's ridiculous.

  20. At least he does admit he knows nothing about Bitcoin, and isn't one of these morons who talks it down 24/7 despite knowing NOTHING about it's benefits, technology, and potential in the future (Nouriel Roubini, cough cough).

  21. 10-100x potential:
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    UNIFY crowdfunding, POS
    KWHcoin renewable energy

  22. Crypto Naeem says:

    Another dinosaur that will soon be extinct

  23. domitron says:

    So some big Wall Street billionaire doesn't like Bitcoin – what's new? It's interfering with his turf, of course. Also he sure hates something he is "too old for" and "doesn't understand".

  24. Lizard lick says:

    Hi, I don't do any research and don't understand technology. I'm Carl Icahn and I approve this message. Bitcoin don't care.

  25. linda owens says:

    A true manager is someone who wants to see you through and someone who wants to see you achieve your dreams of life, Mr Williams has been so faithful to me by helping me with his strategy that's why i call him a true manager and a trade god

  26. ICAHN should invest in ICON haha moon

  27. Mike says:

    Hahahaha ! This old guys gonna vanish pretty soon… There is new breed of young people waiting with great innovative ideas.. How about stocks.. Isn't that bubble too??? Stocks are in bubble not crypto.. BTC # HODLER

  28. Luiz Gustavo says:

    You want to win 10,000 Ethereum Cash Pro ico Pre-Launch coins, sign up at this link and get the 10,000 coins free you win the coins if you register until 02-02- 2018

  29. Marie Claire says:

    How Bitcoin and other crypto currency are ridiculous if it is helping a lot of people financially around the world. They will be your new wealthy trade customers . The economy , the businesses , realestate and the government were truggling without Bitcoin and others crytocurrencies . Trump is right excessive government regulation and taxes had affected trade , job and small businesses.

  30. Educate yourself on blockchain technology , DO NOT invest in something you DO NOT understand , it's as simple as that . I say go…. BITCOIN…. go.

  31. AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnndddddddddddd he's a jew. Lol this is too easy.

  32. They just won’t get it. New school stuff ?

  33. These dinosaurs can’t even comprehend the crypto tsunami that’s coming their way. They are just like the person who just stands on the beach and watches the wave until it hits.

  34. Mert denim says:

    this guy is stupid, dont listen to him, stop after 3 sec.

  35. Harry Scott says:

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  36. This guy was old when i was young—- another fossil with zero ability to adjust and why regulate it
    he is too old he gets his era o k not new stuff !!

  37. khublam says:

    At least he admits he doesn't know and acknowledges the he might be wrong, many others don't even do that.

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