BIG NEWS: Bank Just Told Customers To BUY BITCOIN!

Video transcription

Wow, big things are happening in the United States and around the world, U.S senator openly talking about owning Bitcoin and how she wants to spread. Bitcoin adoption in us we’ve got Citibank predicting a 318 000 by December of 2021. This was in a report that was being sent out to their institutional clients. Big things are happening, I’m going to talk you through all of it and perhaps the most important thing. This is crazy. this is stuff. You cannot even make up a hacker, actually drained the contract and he is having an actual conversation, with some of the victims and in some cases, he is refunding them. So this is completely nuts. You need to stick around for that. If that sounds good stay around because we start right now welcome back everybody, my name is Cristiano. If you like , this is your one. Stop shop for everything. -related makes sure to hit the subscribe button right now and we jump into the first piece of news. Citibank analyst makes tentative 318 000 prediction for December of 2021 and however improbable this seems it would represent the weakest major rally. So far, at a 102 times increase from low to high alright. So let’s check what this is about…


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