Bitcoin Revolution Japanese Airline Now accepting Bitcoin As Payment Method

In April, the government of Japan, one of the world’s five largest economies, decided to accept bitcoin as a means of payment. The aim is to stimulate the economy, which has had deflation for almost two decades.

 Bitcoin payment

Now, the Japanese low-cost airline Peach has decided to check. Bitcoin can be used to book airliners at the turn of the year. For the airline, it is a way to tie up more local authorities and regional companies as customers while helping to spread information that the cryptocurrency can be used as a means of payment in the country.

– We want to encourage visitors from abroad and revive Japan’s regions. This is a real first step in a partnership with Japan, and we are looking for more business and service connections, “said Shinichi Inoue, Head of Peach Airline, to Bloomberg.

In February 2015, the airline

But the first airline to allow bitcoin as a means of payment in the world is not Peach. In February 2015, the airline, Universal Air Travel Plan, based in Washington D.C., decided to allow the digital

currency as a means of payment. Since July 2014, Airbaltic has also announced that they receive bitcoin as a means of payment. info


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