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5G Wireless: A Dangerous ‘Experiment on Humanity’

5G Wireless: A Dangerous ‘Experiment on Humanity’

Poly Boyko reporting to us there from the Thames so what’s the next big thing by the way it’s called 5g have you heard of it everybody’s talking about it frankly I’m not a techy guy in the world so I actually had to google it this afternoon to find out more about what 5g what is 5g. So I I looked at Wikipedia and here’s what I found out that wikipedia says 5g according to Wikipedia is the latest generation of cellular communications targeting high data rates reduced latency energy savings cost reductions higher system capacity and massive connectivity.

A bunch of big words that may mean something to you maybe not but it does sound impressive right, who wouldn’t want all of that well some might ask there’s got to be a catch so joining us now is our correspondent Michelle Greenstein with the latest on 5g and I guess the question would be that here’s the set up but  is there a catch there is just a small one it might kill you  good to know.

Well a few days ago actually a group of scientists doctors environmental organizers and concerned citizens got together and they called for the urgent stop to the deployment of 5g they said that it’s been proven harmful to human bodies that this is an experiment on humanity and that this should be called a crime under international law.

let’s talk about today’s technology what we have going on today your phone is constantly sending electro Matic magnetic fields in and out of each other whether or not you’re receiving a notification, right now all of our digital tech sends this data back and forth right using these invisible microwave radiation signal signals aka radio frequency radiation. That’s today’s tech we have every cell tower every router constantly pulsing with radiation whether or not you’re using it science shows that this causes DNA damage cancer among other things but don’t take my word for it and that’s just with 4G.

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Before we get the 5g right now you’ve got some of it but exactly let’s listen to what dr. Sharon Goldberg has to say, she’s a clinical researcher and an internal medicine physician this is what she has to say about what we’re using today Wireless radiation has biological effects period, this is no longer a subject for debate. When you look at PubMed in the peer-reviewed literature these effects are seen in all life forms plants animals insects microbes in humans we have clear evidence of cancer now there is no question we have it evidence of DNA damage cardiomyopathy which is the precursor of congestive heart failure neuropsychiatric effects so if 4g is already doing some of this and I  imagine somebody walks around all day with their phone next to their head for hours upon then they might be able to they might be doing some damage to themselves… but let’s get beyond 4G how much more potentially dangerous…

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