Welcome to Martin Jackson Chanel. Today we will talk about base Bitcoin mining sites and actually, this will be kind of my best VidCon mining sites and maybe for the user are different Bitcoin mining sites. Which you think that they are best for you,

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but this will we will talk about cloud mining especially and not like we are using our hardware our own but we are using someone else or we are buying someone else's hardware to actually mined Bitcoin. And as you see now guys if we go here into coin market cup we can see that Bitcoin has gone and it has reached its all high.

As you see it's already eight thousand six hundred and that's why I'm considering and in my last one of my last videos I create a bit about Bitcoin mining and there I showed you beat Club actually as you remember this one site and many of you asked me to show some cheaper options, because to join peaceful you need to pay a hundred dollars and this is actually one of my best as well Bitcoin mining sites, which I have joined.

Here you have to wait 30 days and now, I'm waiting my 30 days until they will set up because I bought this cheapest pool and I don't really know how much I will start earning from this one, but I am waiting and when it will start I will let you know guys what is going on here. With Bitcoin Club and next one was you know it is Genesis mining, but here you never can get cash power but that has power which is available this is it doesn't pay back to mines those other coins only Bitcoin mining here pays back.  Bitcoin mining online


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