1x GekkoScience NewPac SHA256 45.6GH/s Bitcoin USB Miner Brand New Boxed


New improved design made especially for solo block mining.
It can mine Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Digibyte, Peercoin, Litecoin Cash and many more SHA256 coins (not Ethereum, that’s different protocol).
Full step by step instructions provided for Windows/Linux/Raspberry Pi.
Get yours today and mine in your living room with Raspberry Pi! Please have a look at my pictures 🙂


Listing is for ONE miner only. Pictures of real item (multiple miners working), please have a look!


Underclock 50.0 MHz = 11.4 GH/s @ 1.88W
Default 100.0 MHz = 22.8 GH/s @ 2.85W
Overclock 200.0 MHz = 45.6 GH/s @ 5.07W
Overclock 300.0 MHz = 68.4 GH/s @ 7.64W
Overclock 400.0 MHz = 91.2 GH/s @ 10.09W
USB plug and play miner, comes fully assembled and quality tested.
Works in any PC, all you need is USB port.
Speed and hashrate depends on available USB power, speeds higher than 11.4 GH/s or 22.8 GH/s may be available only with high quality USB 3.0 port or dedicated powered USB hub.
If you want to run them at full overclock speed 91.2 GH/s, please look below for Sipolar 10 Port USB Professional Mining Hub 120W.



Video transcription

What’s up, everybody and welcome to this video. My name is, Daniel and in this video i’m going to review the Geckoscience new pack Bitcoin USB miner and we’ll also be taking a look at why this product is still very useful in 2021 and what you need in order to run this device – and I assume that you came here because you are interested in crypto mining and I have been mining now for around three months, and I want to tell you that before you get into mining, you want to know where to begin and USB miner is the best way to get started in my opinion. As you can see here, I have a couple of them. I have the the Bitcoin USB miner. That was the first one that I bought. I have a two pack Geckoscience, USB miner, and I have this Geckoscience new pack, a USB miner. I am planning to buy even more USB miners. Actually, I would like to have a a nice collection of every one. I have one of each that could be very, very cool, If you have a USB miner and you want to sell it for a good price, then you can write an email to me and we can figure something out. There is a lot of USB miners on the market and the reason why I am making this review today about the new pack is because that, in my opinion, this is the best USB miner that you can get on the market.






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